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experiência na arte de produzir

EBEN is a company specialised in the design and conception of tailor-made models.

It was founded in 2017, born out of a dream shared by two generations, combining experience, construction and development skills through the noble art of producing.
A Portuguese company, EBEN has vast international experience thanks to the background of its founders.

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years of experience

EBEN is the result of 60 years of professional life, throughout which we have maintained a vision and positioning in the market of tailor-made models whereby we aim to be difference-makers in terms of how a project is approached, managed and designed.

espaço de têxteis com sala preparada com mobiliário para apresentação de amostras espaço de têxteis com sala preparada com mobiliário para apresentação de amostras

Our studio is the bedrock of our work.

It represents the daily endeavours and triumphs of EBEN, the employees’ passion for their profession and the desire to give the very best to our customers.

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Our desire

Marrying the noble art of carpentry to the knowhow of our employees

mobiliario escritorio moderno e de luxo

Our services

Our approach is based on creativity put to the test in a showroom dedicated to our customers, with the emphasis on innovation, paving the way for designing, imagining and experimenting in complete freedom and immersion.

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arquitetura e design de interiores

Product Design

detalhe de luz em mobiliario de luxo

Production and Assembly


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Taking pleasure in what you do leads to perfection in your work.